Manufacturas Roland

  Shoe manufacturer for sport and safety shoes, placed in Arnedo. Manufacturas Roland recently added a UVC/Ozone surface treatment CT-200 machine, as well as a


Independent research and testing institute, reknown worldwide as a reference authority in the leather and footwear industry. Since 2015, Satra UK has incorporated our CT-100

Calçados Alex

Shoe manufacturer with a production of 1000 to 1200 pairs/day, located in Felgueiras (PORTUGAL) Calçados Alex is currently using our CT-100 machine in its production


Shoe manufacturer with a production of 1000 pairs/day, located in Córdoba (ARGENTINA) Fabincal is using our CT-100 surface treatment machine to treat thermoplastic rubber and


Ladies’ shoes manufacturers, with a production of over 2000 pairs/day, located in Elche, in the province of Alicante. Wonders relies on Celtecnia’s AS-3000 (predecessor of

Bambú Europa

Ladies’, gentlemen’s, and kids’ shoes manufacturer, with a production of 1000 pairs/day in its facilities in Monóvar, in the Alicante province. AS-3000 machine (predecessor of

Rekord Romania

Trekking and mountain shoes manufacturer, placed in Alba Iulia (ROMANIA). The UV/Ozone surface treatment machine currently operating in Rekord is an AS-3000, predecessor of our


Wooden and leather heels manufacturer, with a production of up to 10000 pairs/day, placed in Vila de Cucujães (PORTUGAL). At Jogral, CT-100 surface treatment machine

Cort Gin

Sports shoes manufacturer with a daily production of 400 pairs, placed in São João de Madeira (PORTUGAL). Cort Gin currently uses Celtecnia’s CT-100 surface treatment