RUBBER AND TR soles manufacturer Procalçado S.A is currently one of Europe’s most important manufacturer for shoe components and molded shoes, and has recently installed


Shoes manufacturer based in Tunis, using materials such as Rubber, TR, and EVA, for outsoles. Daily production of 1500 pairs/day. Soprotic industrie de chaussures has

Vapesol Portugal

Shoe outsole manufacturer from Portugal, works mainly with materials such as TR and EVA. Vapesol Portugal is currently using Celtecnia’s CT-200 three-dimensional surface treatment machine


TR outsoles manufacturer, with a production of 2000 pairs/day, placed in Ferreríes, Menorca. Kolser uses the second revision of Celtecnia’s CT-200 combined UV/Ozone surface treatment

Olip Calzaturificio

Shoe manufacturer based in Italy, with a daily average yield of 5000 pairs in different materials (TR, Rubber, and EVA)   Olip Calzaturifizio relies on