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CELTECNIA, S.L. has received a grant co-financed by Ivace and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the SME INNOVATION PROJECTS programme (INNOVA-CV), file IMINOB/2023/17 within the Operational Programme of the Valencian Community 2021-2027:

  • To develop a surface treatment of cross-linked rubber (SBR, NBR and NR) and thermoplastic (TPR) soles based on the consecutive application of infrared radiation (IR), water-based halogenating primer and infrared radiation as an alternative to the organic solvent-based halogenation process commonly used today in the footwear industry.


  • Water-based halogenating primer solution and corresponding data sheet.
  • Prototype of the organic solvent-free surface treatment system working under optimum operating conditions for different types of soles.

Project budget: 60.400,00 €                  Grant awarded: 27.180,00 €.

Stubbe Portugal

Stubbe is a PU. TPU, EVA, and rubber sole manufacturer, placed in Trofa, Portugal.

They have incorporated a controlled temperature CT-250 SR drying and reactivating oven, with independent temperature channels. This machine provides

the flexibility needed for manufacturing two component soles, being able to quickly adapt drying and reactivating conditions to each material that

will form the sole.


Industrias Plásticas Igor

Child’s shoe manufacturer, recently incorporated a complete line for treating and bonding PVC uppers to injection EVA outsoles.

Relies on CT-6/SPD UV curing system, together with Celteprimer CUV-B primer, for EVA treatment.

Besides, the whole drying and reactivating process is done using a single CT-250 SR oven, from which both uppers and soles emerge ready to bond.

Manufacturas Roland


Shoe manufacturer for sport and safety shoes, placed in Arnedo.

Manufacturas Roland recently added a UVC/Ozone surface treatment CT-200 machine, as well as a custom made adhesive capping CT-R machine, adapted to their specifications to meet their production needs.



Independent research and testing institute, reknown worldwide as a reference authority in the leather and footwear industry.

Since 2015, Satra UK has incorporated our CT-100 surface treatment machine to the laboratory at its central headquarter, in Kettering (UK).

Calçados Alex

Shoe manufacturer with a production of 1000 to 1200 pairs/day, located in Felgueiras (PORTUGAL)

Calçados Alex is currently using our CT-100 machine in its production line for treating SBR rubber, thermoplastic rubber, and microporous EVA.

By using our CT-100 equipment, Calçados Alex has avoided halogenation on SBR rubber and thermoplastic rubber, and also eliminated solvent borne priming of microporous EVA.


Shoe manufacturer with a production of 1000 pairs/day, located in Córdoba (ARGENTINA)

Fabincal is using our CT-100 surface treatment machine to treat thermoplastic rubber and SBR rubber soles in its production line.


Ladies’ shoes manufacturers, with a production of over 2000 pairs/day, located in Elche, in the province of Alicante.

Wonders relies on Celtecnia’s AS-3000 (predecessor of our new CT-100 model) for treating SBR rubber, microporous EVA, and thermoplastic rubber midsoles and outsoles.

Bambú Europa

Ladies’, gentlemen’s, and kids’ shoes manufacturer, with a production of 1000 pairs/day in its facilities in Monóvar, in the Alicante province.

AS-3000 machine (predecessor of CT-100) installed in Bambú is used for treating thermoplastic rubber outsoles in its factory in Monóvar.